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  • 4 Tips To Help You Sleep better With Your Pets

    There are many benefits to sleeping with your furry friend and sharing your bedroom with a pet does not mean you are destined to sleep badly. Whilst a study from 2002 showed that 56 per cent of pet owners’ sleep was disrupted nightly to some extent by their pets thanks to...

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  • Could light-emitting glasses help you reach peak performance?

    The latest in sleep technology weighs only 75 grams and is fully transportable and rechargable. The Re-Timer glasses emit a blue-green light that is reported to fight fatigue. The glasses were designed in Australia and have been introduced to the world by Sports Scientist, Dr Craig Duncan . The aim...

  • How much sleep could you lose to the FIFA World Cup?

    Soccer fans have no choice but to watch each and every world cup match - after all the FIFA World Cup only comes around every four years. In the space of one month there has been a massive 48 matches in the first round, four quarter finals, two semi-finals and of...

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