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  • South Africans are not good at sleeping!

    The results are in from the world's biggest Sleep Census, and for the first time ever we have information specifically about South Africans. 11 381 people from five countries participated in the Sealy Sleep Census, with South Africans making up 24% of the responses. Sadly, the numbers show that South Africans...

  • Four bedtime mantras for better sleep

    Words are powerful. Some go as far as to say they are prophetic. Could the way we choose to speak about ourselves and our lives have a dramatic impact on our lived reality? Could repeating bedtime mantras positively impact how we sleep? It appears it can, and does, and is...

  • Fitbit helps you sleep your way to better health

    Fitbit knows that staying healthy is not only about exercise and diet - it's about good quality sleep, too. At Sealy, we’ve always loved the Fitbit’s sleep-tracking technology, but things just got even better. Whilst the Fitbit One  required you to remove the sensor from the wrist band and wear...

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