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  • Beat the dust – how to rid your bedroom of dust and dust mites

    Unfortunately, most of the dust that is found in your bedroom comes from yourself (and your pets) rather than from the outside world. As dead skin and hair cells break off they form dust -the perfect environment for dust mites to live and breed. Dust and dust mites can interfere...

  • Turmeric tea – A natural sleep remedy

    Most of us know turmeric as the yellow powder that turns our rice golden, but turmeric root holds a wonderful secret power. When turmeric powder is ingested it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent that alleviates pain and promotes sleep. So for those who find themselves tossing and turning or...

  • Reader question: Why am I having nightmares?

    Humans have been fascinated by dreams and nightmares for centuries - but even after all these years, there remains more mystery than fact. Read on to find out more about research into dreams and nightmares: Psychiatrist Ernest Hartmann studied the personality traits of those who experienced nightmares and over his...

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