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  • Presenteeism – Worse than simply calling in sick?

    Do you go to work, even when you're feeling exhausted or ill, or you're preoccupied with personal issues? This is called "presenteeism" - when you're at work but you're not very productive while you're there. The Harvard Business Review reported: “Presenteeism isn’t about malingering (pretending to be ill to avoid...

  • Net Nanny App helps families switch off and go to bed

    Getting enough sleep and spending quality time together are two of the key ingredients for a happy family life. Screen time can rob us of both. We have become reliant on using technology at home to complete homework, check budgets, pay bills, fulfill work obligations and even socialise. Many people...

  • 5 ways sleep impacts an athlete’s performance

    Sleeping the right amount at the right time is essential to ensure long-term success as an athlete. This is how good sleep improves your athletic performance: 1. Athletes need time to repair their muscles. Growing children and adolescents who have adequate sleep are less prone to injury. 2. Lack of...

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