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  • How to have less nightmares

    Nightmares are truly terrifying. Our bodies do not distinguish between what we are dreaming and what is real and so waking after a nightmare can leave us with our heart racing and our bed sheets wet with sweat. A few of us may even be prone to a throwing a...

  • Do kids really grow when they sleep?

    I want to be taller – can sleep help me grow? - Sophie Age 6 It is indeed during deep sleep that growth hormone does its job. Growth hormone is made and released from the pituitary gland in our mid-brains and is very important for, you guessed it, growth. During...

  • Why trauma will tire you out

    Last month we looked at what happens to your body after a traumatic experience. What we uncovered was a chemical cascade that led to post-traumatic hyper-arousal and post-traumatic hyper-vigilance.  Both of these states are appropriate immediately after a trauma as they are required to ensure survival. Post-traumatic hyper-arousal is a...

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