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  • Explore these three sleep apps

    Here are the latest and greatest sleep apps that you just can’t sleep without. 1. Sleep Calculator – Ever wondered: “If I want to wake up at 5.00am what time should I go to bed?” or “If I go to bed now, what time should I wake up?” well the...

  • Bedroom decor: Get your pastel on

    Bedroom décor has slowly moved away from tranquil whites, passed through sleepy greys and found itself infiltrated by gentle pastels. Colours of spring blossoms, such green, pink and peach have been subdued into pastel hues that only add to the tranquility and sleepiness, rather than detracting from it. Add a...

  • Grab a shower first thing in the morning

    A cold shower is a powerful wake up call. If you battle to get your game on in the morning, then why not take a cold shower first thing after waking? Cold water wakes you up and gets your respiratory and circulatory systems firing. Think quick, short breaths accompanied by...

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