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  • Should you “sleep on” a problem?

    Thomas Edison, the man who invented the light bulb, was a habitual napper. He used sleep ruthlessly to solve problems. In fact, he had a napping ritual that allowed him to sleep just long enough to solve any problem he had encountered. Edison would go to sleep grasping a metal...

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  • Should you take your shoes into your bedroom?

      In many homes, shoes can be found abandoned in almost every room, including the bedroom. However, removing shoes before entering a home appears to be gaining a following once again. There are three main reasons that people chose not to have shoes in their homes: spiritual reasons- to avoid...

  • Got a problem with clutter? You are also more likely to have a problem with sleep.

    A study by Alexis Reinheimer, a psychology major at St. Lawrence University in Canton, has found that those that hoard are more likely to have a sleep disorder. Hoarders appear to struggle with sleep onset, sleep disturbances and daytime sleepiness. Hoarding is thought to hurt sleep as it interferes on...

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