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  • Could that weekend lie in help you live longer?

    It has previously been shown that ‘binge sleeping’ or sleeping in on the weekends cannot erase a sleep debt that you acquired through the work week. Fast forward to 2018 and a massive sleep science debate is raging as new research has shown conflicting results. Researchers studied 43 000 participants and...

  • Take a peek at the sleep forecast for 2018

    Last year, we all did our best to buy into the Clean Sleep trend. This was a good trend- it highlighted the importance of good, uninterrupted sleep that lasted 8 hours every night. Research papers examined the health benefits (there are many!); consumers downloaded apps to track their sleep data...

  • Sleep states – what they are and what you gain by moving through them

    If all the talk about REM and non-Rem sleep boggles your mind then look no further than this blog. Here we will help you figure out what these types of sleep are and why they are necessary for your physical and emotional health. Non-REM Sleep includes the first 3 stages...

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