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  • US schools introduce SleepPods: Time-out for teens?

    Teens can be stroppy, defiant and emotional. Much like their smaller counterparts, toddlers, they can throw a pretty good tantrum, but with a whole lot more strength behind it. These ‘negative’ behaviours can be attributed to the high-energy, high-sleep needs of their developing brains and bodies. Whilst teens may need...

  • Why parents are – AND ALWAYS WILL BE – tired

    Say farewell to sleeping through the night – ‘Tis true. Hungry newborns; scared toddlers, ‘I-wet-my-bed’ pre-schoolers and sneaky teenagers ensure that their parents remain sleep-deprived and tired for decades. And hello to the sniffles- Yes, parents have a greater chance of getting sick. Blame crèche, blame developing immune systems, blame...

  • Women need more sleep than men

    FACT: Women need about 20 minutes more sleep than the average man. And that's because they're such great multi-taskers. According to recent research, these are the striking differences between how men and women sleep: 1. Women need more sleep than men… about 20 minutes more per night. The researchers attributed...

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