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  • Exploring the senses and sleep: TASTE

    Taste is one of seven senses (yup, there are seven, not five, your school lied!) and it emerges surprisingly soon after conception. The first connection between brain and taste bud occurs at 8 weeks gestation. By 16 weeks, the fetus starts swallowing amniotic fluid and processing a variety of tastes....

  • Habit 1: Get enough sleep

    Can't figure out what is holding you back? Tired of being seen as just an average Joe? Well,  that's probably the problem... you are tired. Most successful people have realised that getting enough Zzzzz is the first step to having a good day. Have enough good days and this adds...

  • How do astronauts sleep in space?

    This week's question comes from a rather small Sealy fan who has made a rather cool observation- "If there is no gravity in space, and everything is weightless, then how do astronauts lie down to sleep and keep their blankets on?" It turns out that some American Astonauts have their...

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