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  • Could magnesium restore your sleep?

    There is a strong link between insomnia and magnesium deficiency especially in women. Magnesium is one of the 24 essential vitamins and minerals and its super powers have for many years been under-rated. Magnesium is a mood stabilizer, bone builder, muscle relaxer and most importantly sleep promoter. Magnesium helps people...

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  • How much should the tooth fairy be leaving behind while your child is sleeping?

    Losing a first tooth is a remarkable milestone. It is so remarkable in fact that left unchecked it can create a swell of ‘proud parent feelings’ that may result in a very generous but unsustainable contribution from the tooth fairy (or the equally dashing tooth mouse). Now the problem with...

  • Get rid of fear – start here

    A video clip of actor Will Smith has gone viral after the father shared an epiphany he had three years ago after going sky diving for the first time with friends on a talk show. Will goes on to explain how facing his fear of skydiving has taught him that...

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