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  • Reporting back on a digital detox – What happened when I went offline for one week?

    Digital detoxes were the most popular health trend this festive season. What happened when this Sleep Expert went offline for a week? The results may surprise you. There is nothing harder than taking your own advice. And so with leave booked I decided to give a digital detox a try....

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  • Back to school, back to sleep – How to get your kids back into their routine

    You may have completed your back to school shopping, but have you gotten your kids back into their routine? Sleeping well is essential for school performance. Alas, the extra-long school holidays have seen our kids going to bed long after sunset and lying in later than usual. Children need sleep in...

  • How to get your kids to sleep better when they’re on Summer holiday

    School is out and summer holidays are here! Whether you plan on taking a staycation, or heading off on a family holiday, you may already be dreading the nights that lie ahead of you. Many adults and children become very anxious when they consider the idea of being ‘out of...

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