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  • Drowsy driving could be more deadly than drunk driving

    In South Africa, whilst the culture around drunken driving has changed (it’s just not cool anymore in case you missed the naming and shamingmemo), the culture around drowsy driving has not seemed to shift. As our numbers of drivers has increased and the quality of our national roads has improved,...

  • Does a cooler core body temperature equal better sleep?

    A recent study to come out of the Netherlands entitled Skin Temperature Measurement in Monitoring and Control of Sleep and Alertness has shown how manipulating body temperature could improve your sleep. The study showed that a drop in your core temperature impacts: what time you go to bed, how long it...

  • Should School Times Start Later?

    The Industrial revolution changed not only when we work (earlier start, longer shifts) but also when we are required to wake up. Human beings are programmed to follow the sun to bed and wake as the sky lightens. However, for most families, industrialization has meant waking long before sunrise to...

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