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  • 5 life lessons people learn too late

    Hearing from those close to death offers us a chance to gain perspective. Here are the five most common pearls of wisdom that the older generation wants to pass on to the younger generation right now.  1. Own your life The sooner you realise that life is a series of...

  • Bedtime stories for kids – can good parenting rituals make your kids smarter?

    All previous research has suggested that certain ‘good parenting’ practices like reading a bedtime story to your child or having a meal together at a table increases a child’s IQ scores later on in life. However, a recent study by Florida University has given scientists and parents a bit of...

  • Puffy versus pretty- life hacks that help you wake up looking your best

    Nobody wants to wake up with puffy eyes. Whether you have or haven’t managed to get a good night sleep, most people can’t afford to live their life looking tired. Having puffy eyes is more than skin deep. It is a reflection of an imbalance in your body and lifestyle....

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