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  • This smart alarm clock will teach you how to sleep better

    If there's one thing we love more than mattresses it's tech that compliments your sleep... which is why we love this new Kickstarter project, the Kello Smart Alarm Clock. According to an article on Digital Trends, Kello encourages users to have a regular bedtime and wake-up time, but can also...

  • Habit 5 – Take naps when needed

    Welcome to the final blog post in our series The sleep habits of highly successful people. If you have missed the other four, be sure to give them a squizz here. Successful people sleep. It is that simple. The wise respect rest and make it a habit to get it-...

  • Can’t get your teenager out of bed?

    Teenagers are renowned for sleeping in long after their mothers and alarm clocks have tried their best to shake them out of slumber. What’s up with these kids and their need to sleep till lunch? If your teen is sleeping in late despite going to bed at a reasonable hour...

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