101 teas of the world their health benefits, okay 3

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How "shabby-chic" is this!?

I love herbs, every time I eat something I have grown myself or something from a tree I feel happy and at ease because I know that all the promised nutrients are going into my body and that the food won’t take much from my body. I’m going to confess something to you and that is: I love tea. I drink about six cups a day. I always try to schedule teatime into my day, where I get to sit and have two cups of Rooibos or chamomile and just relax. This time is usually in the morning or evening.

In the past few months an old and classic South African Television show about a trouble-making back room dweller that loves his tea that also collects and keeps used teabags was back on our screens. My kids kept on comparing me to him saying we’re exactly

True, tea is a big part of my life. I collect tea sets and vintage teacups, which is why most of my tea sets are mismatched and eclectic. One of my former colleagues called it “shabby chic” and that even though the cups didn’t match and weren’t antique they had a quaint charm about them. She meant it as a compliment and knowing her I took it as one.

Tea has a lot of health and lifestyle benefits too:

Green Tea

Green tea has a lot of high points and great features, mostly that it is high in anti-oxidants that work against harmful, which is great for the drinker’s health. According to scientists green tea is also filled with EGCG the source of its anti-oxidant properties. And so say the many 90-year-old Asian folk who have more energy and health than teens. The downside to green tea (and the reason I rarely drink it) is that it has caffeine, lots of it, which is a stimulant, which is not good for trying to catch zzzs

Rooibos Tea

The red bush is also rich in anti-oxidants. In fact, according to the rooibos benefits website it is “recommended for those suffering from insomnia, disturbed sleep patterns, mild depression, headaches and nervous tension” because it doesn’t contain caffeine.  A tea that’s safe for pregnant women and young children is surely good for the rest of us.

Chamomile Tea

I feel like I’m repeating myself here; chamomile tea is good for you, I love it. and it has properties that ease insomnia, muscle pains, skin problems and the likes. All I can add is that don’t drink chamomile and drive as it causes drowsiness, call a friend.

One more!

And another...


I honestly suggest teatime to all of you. Unwind with a cup of something warm.

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