Baby’s nose is blocked! HELP!

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 Question: My baby's nose is blocked and can't sleep. What can I do?

A baby with a blocked nose may sound like a small problem to you, but ask any mother holding a stuffy, snotty baba at 2am and she will tell you that this scenario can become a crisis.

Babies are small and they have very small noses which means it doesn't take much to make them block up. A baby with a blocked nose will struggle to feed (like trying to French kiss when you have a cold *gasp* *gasp*) and struggle to sleep.

For moms, this means very little sleep and a lot of crying.

Here is a list of snot solutions to help get you some R&R sooner rather than later.

1. Saline solution - flush it out. There are a number of great baby nose sprays that help to dilute and flush out the baddies. The salt is also very effective at killing the virus/bacteria that may be the culprit.

2. Iliadin nose drops - Magic in a bottle! Iliadin helps to decongest the nose and sinuses and dries up the snot. Perfect for just before a feed or bed. It's available over-the-counter but can only be used for 4 consecutive days before its harmful. But it does wonders to stop the snot running down your baby's throat and protects your baby's lungs.

3. Suction - yes, you will do this if you have to! There are a range of suction devices available. Check out this hilarious blog for a run down.

4. Humidifier plus Karvol drops - if your baby is mouth breathing, then a humidifier will prevent their little throat from drying out and the Karvol is lovely and therapeutic. Don't have a humidifier? Sprinkle the Karvol on your baby's bedding and make sure there is a plastic jar of water somewhere out of reach.

5. Give it time - up to 3 weeks! Runny noses are usually viral which means they can take 3 weeks to clear. However, if you are worried, pop into your local GP and get a check-up. Allergies are often a culprit so ask your doctor to have a good look.

PS: We have undertaken to answer all our fans' sleep-related questions so feel free to comment on our Facebook page and we will look into it!



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