5 things women want

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I can’t remember when I developed an interest in Esquire Magazine. I suspect it has something to do with a cover featuring a certain formerly obscure actor turned dreamboat. I was looking around on Google for articles on cuddling (don’t ask) and I found a link that sent me to the Esquire website. The article was titled 1,000 Things you don’t know about women. The items on the list are funny, witty and oh-so-true.


Here’s a glimpse of the words that came up most frequently during the research period of the article:

Here’s what I, and Some Girlfriends Want:

Time – I want more time to sleep, to work, to be with friends, to laugh, to run, to cuddle, to explore, to be in the moment, to arrive, to be lost in thought. As a young woman in the 21st century I sometimes feel like there isn’t enough time.


Rent this movie, see if you're not floored when Iris first walks into this beroom.

The Dream Holiday/Bedroom – I would love to be part of a real life The Holiday, the film with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz just so I could experience the magic that was Amanda’s house – especially her bedroom.


My Sealy Posturepedic, which looks like the above image fares nicely too.


Private Jet-setting – As much as I enjoy having a restless toddler kick the back of my seat, being late due to a delayed flight and all the trimmings of flying commercial. I will have to admit that I sometimes lie awake on a 15-hour flight (thanks to kicking, snoring and spillages) and wish I was on a beautiful private plane, Necker Island [www.neckerisland.com] bound.

Look at that thing! You can’t blame a girl for dreaming.

Good Company – whatever I do I crave good company, even when I agreed to do this blog I was pleased to find out my posts would be in good company. Most women also desire this, which is the why I have the friends that I do, the sort of people I could spend hours with.

Hardcore Pampering – I want to be pampered, think a glass of good wine, good food, pedicures & manicures and my feet up without a laptop in sight.

I also wouldn't say "no" to Mr clooney.


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