Habit 5 – Take naps when needed

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Welcome to the final blog post in our series The sleep habits of highly successful people. If you have missed the other four, be sure to give them a squizz here.

Successful people sleep. It is that simple. The wise respect rest and make it a habit to get it- be it sleeping through the night (for 7-9 hours) or when necessary, taking a nap, even if that means sleeping on the job.
It may seem counter-intuitive, but it isn’t. Companies that want the most out of their workers know that like food, sleep is required to perform well. And so they have created nap rooms or nap pods. And what’s more is it is paying off. Workers are calmer, more able to concentrate and have better overall health (most likely thanks to napping rather than snacking to make it to the end of the day).
And these companies’ profits are looking healthier too. In case you are looking to find a new job with a napping perk, companies where it is okay to take a nap include Google, Uber, Zappos and Ben & Jerry’s.
Isn’t it great to work at a time where sleep is celebrated? What about you- have you ever taken a power nap while at work? Or been caught dozing off at your desk?

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