7 Things You Should Always Buy in Bulk

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I've meant to write this post up for the longest time but it somehow got lost in the pile of ideas of what to write about on this blog I keep next to my daily to-do list. It was brought into my attention by the mothers (my mother and mother in-law) while we were out shopping during our pre-mother's day weekend away. My mother shared her philosophy of "if it fits nicely" get it in every colour possible with with hubby's mother. These are the 7 things you should always buy in bulk -- or in very colour.

My buying in bulk rule is that all items be non-perishable and that if something is usually expensive then by all means get it in bulk when prices decrease. We see it a lot with petrol and motorists filling up before a big increase. It can save you a lot of money.

1. Toiletries

I always buy soap, shower gel & bath salts, deodorant, sanitary wear, shampoo & conditioner, razors and face stuff in big quantities because it saves me time and we hardly ever run out of these basics. I usually go shopping at the time of the month when most items are on sale so it makes more sense to bulk up. I used to buy napppies in bulk too.

2. Toilet paper

Nothing quite like running out of toilet paper in a home. The last time I remember it ever happening was during those miserable six months in a little flat I rented one summer/autumn in London. I always buy at least two packs of the 18s two ply toilet paper at a time.

3. Pet food

I alway buy the jumbo packet of pet food and treats for my furry babies. It helps me stay on top of things and they love eating.

4. Meds

When flu season comes around I stock up on cough syrup, allergy medicine and throat lozenges. This on top of my regular first-aid kit of asprin, plasters and bandages.

5. Spices

As a result of cooking a lot, I always need to restock on food -- we buy veggies, milk and meat weekly, and stock up on the rest. I buy my favourite spices and dried herbs in big quantities.

6. Stationery

I do all my stationery shopping at the end of the school year when everything is on sale and I buy each item for each child times four terms. Their schools always hands out lists of what is required and recommended but I trust my own instinct as far as quantity is concerned -- they've never let me down.

7. Supplies

I always buy towels, toothbrushes and bedding in bulk too; this makes catering to guests who don't know how to pack or replacing the items around my home easier.

What do you usually buy in bulk? Please share in the comments.

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