A Cure, or Two, After New Year’s Eve

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Happy New Year!

I'm glad you had a safe New Year's Eve, which I was as safe as it was wonderful. I was surrounded by my family and close friends -- always the best way to spend the last day on every year for me. We all stayed up quite late and as a result most of use will be needing a bit of kip before this day is over. I've put together a short (hopefully) post of a cure, or two, After New Year's Eve that might come in handy and help you better deal with this day and tomorrow even.

1. Had too Much Mother's Medicine:

Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and to flush it out of your system. Some say it's better to work on rehydrating before  one goes to sleep.

2. The Great Clean up

So your New Year's Even get-together was a great hit and there's only but a spoon left of your new salad but the mess will take days and energy you do not have to clean up? Clean up before you go to bed. Ask a few guests to pitch in and help with the picking up of bottles, washing and packing away of dishes.

3. Well, the army did no arrive:

If you, like most hostesses, were a bit too enthusiastic with the food preparations and most of if is now destined for the freezer do not fear. Phone up your friend who liked your new salad recipe and find out if you could drop off more for her. Phone the local shelter and arrange a delivery. Do not cook.

4.  Indulged, A Lot

Many of us always indulge over the holiday season, it's the best part about the year. Don't feel ashamed or angry with yourself for eating delicious food and enjoying it. Take an anti-acid, a pill for indigestion or heartburn syrup if you need it ; start moving and eating healthy as soon as you can.

Go on, get on your Sealy bed and have a nap, you deserve it.

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