A Green New Year’s Eve

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I hope that this post reaches all those of you planning to spend the last day of 2012 braaing and and celebrating with friends in time. These are just a few tips to help you make your New Year's Eve braai a tad green.

The Tools:

When thinking of which braai is best for the environment and emits the least amount of carbon footprint the your best bet is a gas braai. The traditional braai is fueled by coal, which is the highest contributor to green house gases emission. Briquettes are also filled with dangerous chemicals, do you really want your braai exposed to that?

Cleaning your braai Stand

Use a homemade cleaner, that way you know what's in it and what you're realising into the environment. Bicarbonate of soda, cold water, vinegar and lemon make an effective cleaning substance that's also friendly to the environment.

Plates and Cups

I know the clean up is hard work but real plates, glasses, cutlery and towel napkins are better for the environment. The disposable kind'll still be sitting on a landfill long after your New Year's Eve braai has ended. Compromise and have friends help you out with the dishwashing.

The Food

Always be aware of the food that you buy. Mealies that are sourced locally are both sustainable and economical as they spend less time traveling than the imported ones. Know what's in the meat that you buy, free range is best. Buy from reputable companies that get their produce from green farmers who don't use pesticides and allow their animals to reproduce naturally and roam free. It's good your health, the environment and the economy to be certain of what you are buying and buying it local.


I'm not for fireworks, at all. Be considerate of any animals in your area. Keep children away from the fireworks.

Happy New Year's Eve!

Write you in the New Year.

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