A Guide to the Twitter Streets

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Last year I joined Twitter. Yes, the micro blogging site. Well, in all honesty I'd had an account, which was just gathering dust since late 2009. On it I tweet on my personal capacity and was one of the 8000+ tweets per second when Bey did that iconic baby bump rub at the VMAs. When I became more active on the site (as a result of a Smartphone and constant BIS) I soon realised that my basic Mxit/SMS speak wouldn't quite save me. So this is me ploughing back to society and giving you some of the Twitter abbreviations and terms that will throw you the first time you see them.

1. I do get the occasional DM from some of the cool people I've connected with on the site. But when I fist started I didn't know that it meant Direct Message. The rules of the game are that only people that are following each other can DM one another. DM-d tweets are prvivate and only visible to the sender and recipient.

2. The #hashtag is a nifty way of grouping tweets that are about the same subject together This is very useful if there's a public interest event #Euro2012 or a niche subject #TeamCastiel; you don't him do you? Hence it's a special interest team.

3. #FF (Follow Friday) is like a Twitter mixer where everybody shares their favourite people to follow. It's a great way to discover new people to follow and find out who everyone is following and why. One of the best Follow Fridays I ever received sounded like a Pop Culture Whodunnit. Be creative, tells us why we should follow that person.

4. I can't decide if Subtweets are merciful or petty. Sure in real life we don't tell everyone what we think of them all the time but we also don't go on about how we don't ike them, right? Subliminal tweets don't mention the subject, this means you don't use the @ key. You rant and rave in he dark.

5. "OOMF" is a great way to subliminally  rant about a person. "One of my followers is not the Pop Culturally clued-up individual they pretend to be."  It's just an observation, not nasty and not meant to start any Twars (Twiter wars.)

The usual SMS language still applies (LOL, BRB,G2G etc) because we don't want to waste our 140 characters. You read correctly, characters, not words. And when all else fails, ask. Don't be afraid to #Twoogle (Twitter Google) your fellow tweeps (Twitter peeps) for some knowledge. It's a social networking site and a huge part of socialising or networking involves sharing information.

I hope this was helpful.

Cheers to the weekend!

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