A hiking we will go…

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It’s always good to have options… and exercise is no exception. Exercise is a sure-fire way to find better sleep, and the Sealy team are all about bringing you the Best.Sleep.Ever.

In the past few weeks we have given you fabulous and FREE pilates, yoga, walking and dance workouts to get you moving at home and around your neighbourhood.

If you are still working hard at reaching your 1000 steps a day then here is one way to boost your tally - HIKING!

Hiking no longer requires a heavy backpack, gross footwear or a week off work (although those things can help). Hikes can be as tame as a trot along a pretty, flat pathway or as adventurous as setting out into the great unknown carrying all necessities.

We are very spoiled in South Africa with wildlife everywhere: from our neighbourhood, school fields, to our greenbelts, to our major mountain ranges like the Drakensberg and Table Mountain National Park. The smaller ranges are just as pretty: Magaliesberg, Soutpansberg, Pilansberg, Langeberg, Swartberg.... there are a lot of bergs waiting for you.

The pictures and quotes below are intended to set a fire in your soul or, perhaps, under your soles. Why not get outdoors to make your body, mind and soul feel lighter?

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