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Yasmin, Helena, Cindy, Naomi and Eva make up the "Supers" shot by Jonas Akerlund for Harper's Bazaar

I’m looking forward to the festive season! I’m looking forward to seeing my best friend who spent the last eight months in Seoul, apparently the beauty industry there is booming, which is good news for a make-up artist who dropped out of beauty school to become a student of life. I’m super excited about the weather being warm enough and the mood casual enough for me to walk around in shorts and my new espadrilles. The ability to sleep without any anxiety about the alarm clock going off in the middle of my Project Runway episode – featuring the ‘90s supermodels in my garments – dream sequence; this has been arecurring variation of the nightmare I’ve been having since I was 11-years old. Getting reacquainted with my Sealy  is the thing I’m looking forward to the most.

I spent my first few days as a woman of leisure stressing about my exams, I know sad right? Then I spent the next few days sketching and making patterns, that’s my yoga; it relaxes me and uplifts my mood. I haven’t been sketching or making patterns the last two days. I haven’t even thought about Project Runway. A friend from college recommended that I visit a website where you’re able to play with paper dolls. She couldn’t stop raving about how great the site is, how wonderful and pretty the outfits are. She told me about the website in September, but I didn’t visit it because I figured it wouldn’t be my speed, I’m the kid who had no desire to play Barbie dolls. I know, most designers and styles claim to have started out designing for their Barbie dolls – a sibling’s doll is the more popular story.

Anyway, I went onto the site and registered after I’d sketched all that I could. I registered with that ‘I bet this is one of those sites I will have to unsubscribe from in a few days’ ‘90s baby apathy. I made my paper doll look like me hips, hair and all. I then followed the instructions to my suit, a bedroom and lounge area. I am hooked, I’ve been spending the last two days decorating my rooms, I have four now, dressing my doll and other celebrity dolls. I’m even able to design clothes, jewellery and furniture.

I’m trying to get all my friends into it. It’ll be interesting to see the representations of themselves and their style they come up with. Check your girl The Pop Princess out here



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