A Little Inspiration Sprinkled With Love

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My day was recently brightened when my daughter emailed me a few pictures from her Pinterest account. She has started exploring her interest in photography and I thought that's all the account was for, to find and store inspiration. The particular images she sent to me were from her "Pins For Mum" board. It always warms my heart when I'm confronted with what thoughtful people my children are and knowing that I have a bit of an influence in the kind of people they become makes me happy.

When the children were all younger we used to have Sunday afternoon bike rides around our neighbourhood. For years I've been complaining and begging everyone to rejoin my biking club, with very little luck. Only Youngest Mister and I even have bicycles in that house.

This image didn't sadden me, it reminded me of all the good times we've had. All the memories captured in pictures, which now live in a shoe box in my mother's spare room.

Outdoor/garden entertaining is just about my favourite activity in the world. The caption she put said "not so upsetting lawn chairs" And I am absolutely in love with this take on the lawn chair.

Along with my garden entertainment, is my love for gorgeous paths decked with beautiful flowers and shrubs. This looks like the path that the children will build into our future retirement country home. I hope.

I adore apple red, retro kitchens and checked pattern floors.

They say you see yourself through your children, what I saw was my obsessive hyper-organised self in most on the pins. There a lot of ideas on organisation and storage.

The most I've strayed away from traditional white bath towels was when I bought a peach set, I went on to buy a few peach sets. really want this polka dots ones even if it's just for the guest bedroom; they are just too nunus! If you know of a store that stocks them please let me know.

She's pinned a lot of sunflower arrangements. Sunflowers are my favourite.

And then there was this image. It reminds of the day hubby and I brought our youngest home. All the kids piled up on my Sealy bed with us and we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in bed with waffles and smiles.


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