A season too soon

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Taken with my shabby phone

Winter is almost here! Granted, we've only just gotten into autumn but knowing my beautiful Cape Town it will be winter within the next few weeks, which means warmer clothes! I've picked up a few items at sales, charity shops and markets — all of which I can't wait to wear to class and around town. This is not a deep post, it's just things I'm looking forward to this coming season.

I have a lot of scarves, some woolen and others not. Some I wear as headwraps others as belts. From high school when I started my collection — with my grandmother's floral doek — I made it a point to integrate my scarves into all seasons, last summer I had a big headband thing so I was wearing a lot of my scarves as hair accessories.

I have missed my chunky scarves!

This makes me want to finally start that Harry Potter scarf project, a scarf for each house — yes, even Slytherin.

I love winter food! The warmth and decadence always gets me in a good mood. I'm especially excited to be living with my sister during this winter. She learned  all her cooking and baking and improvising tricks from my mother but my mother now phones her to ask about different ways of making a certain dish or ways to improve my dad's favourite meal. You can say the student has become the monster [I mean master.]

That sloppy looking list of songs will be my way of working off all the cupcakes and velvet cakes and soups and homemade bread I'm planning on eating.

More pictures of clothes

These boots are for me to walk in

I want!!! All these coats are really gorgeous, so are all the ensembles and the period.

I have all these items in my wardrobe and I can't wait to put them together. I've always done the safe black tights, shorts and a blazer ensembles now I'm really loving tribal print leggings.

But the one thing I'm looking forward to the most is spending QT with my Sealy bed! Why do you love winter?

Cheers to the weekend!

PS thanks to all the lovely people over at weheartit for the beautiful snaps.




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