A Shifting State of Mind

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The weather is warming up considerably! This means I've had a chance to do the first phase of Spring cleaning. This past weekend before anyone in my household was allowed to ring in spring they were all expected to pitch in and do their spring cleaning bit.

The above image is as much my mood board as the days get warmer as it is my to-do list.

1. KZN summers tend to be on the wet side and it has been forecast that as the week progresses we'll see some rain. Not only do I need to have all our rain shoes prepared and ready to carry us into the world, I also have to prepare umbrellas and raincoats for the children. My youngest has a total of five raincoats to his name and I always try to distribute them among his book bag, sports bag, class teacher and his friends' parents just to make sure that should it rain, he always has a plan.

2.  Before I can get my garden umbrella out of the shed, I have to bring the garden back to life again, which with sunshine and rain, is going to be an easy task. My veranda is great for hosting friends and having family days, but being in the garden with hubby a good book and a glass of mother's medicine is priceless. Unfortunately we don't have a hammock, we usually lay down a couple of traditionally Zulu grass mats, a sheet and some scatter cushions. We then spend the rest of the day pretending we're on an exotic island.

3. It's the season of lemonade and mojitos and (chilled beer for hubby.) All my ice cube trays and ice dispensers have been filled and ready.

Have you started your spring cleaning yet? What on your mood board/to-do list? Please let me know in the comments section.

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