AFCON 2013: Let’s bring Philip back again.

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Hello Jetsetters!

January is going to be a big booster to the South African tourism market, I hope the tourism board and industry practitioners release the figures when it's over. From the 19 of January we've been hosting the 2013 Orange AFCON ending on the 10th of February.  Be sure to visit one of the host stadiums in either Durban, Rusternburg, Nelson Mandela Bay, Nelspruit or my favourite, Johannesburg to catch the action LIVE and direct.

After Bafana Bafana's stellar win against Angola yesterday I felt compelled to write a short motivation why we should all go out and support our boys and the tournament at large. Confessions: I'm not a soccer buff and had nearly written the tournament off after our national team's dismal at the opening match.

The Sunday game made me change my mind and helped me to realise the reason soccer is one of the most liked sports on the continent: it is energetic and exciting when played right.

Don't despair if you, like me won't be able to see the next Bafana Bafan game at Durban's Moses Mabhida. Go to a match in your city, a match you can afford to attend and have fun. This is how:

1. Rally a group of friends and convience the to attend a match at a stadium. This way you won't get bored during half-time and in order to ensure you know what's going on on the pitch at all times keep your soccer-buff friend (for me that's my best friend) close to you.

2. Philip! Wear your green and gold, bring a South African flag another for one of the country that are playing. Once patriotism takes over and you are feeling the mood at the stadium you will have fun. Be a good sport like it's 2010 all over again!

3. Organise transport to take you and your group to and from the stadium. This way you beat any congestion that might be outside the stadium. Carpooling also carries the Late Bloomer stamp of approval.

4. Interact with other supporters and meet new people. Half the fun to any  event lies with the people you meet there.

5. Be silly: Get your face painted, sing team songs like shosholoza and do the Mexican wave. This is your last chance in a while to enjoy a large scale soccer tournament in our country. Refer to number 2 again.

If you can afford it in terms of time and money then organise a road trip to go watch one of the semi final matches out of town.

Go Bafana!

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