All it Takes is a Good bed

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I have been called a bit of a control freak. This has been mostly by my brothers but I have worked had to ensure that I don't take too much control of relationships. I will still make lists and dates. Organise activities with friends and ask the "where is this going?" question of myself and and partner. That's all the control I have been able to do without any guilt.

Since my university days I have never been the type of girlfriend who tries to change the person they're with to suit their views of the world or what they want the relationship to be for them, never mind the person they're with. I guess I take after my father where my associations with people are concerned.  I will not force you to better yourself, if it's what we both want we'll grow together.

Most of the change I have ever asked of my past partners has included household hygiene (like washing the dishes after dinner) and one time I had to ask one partner to change deodorants as I was allergic to  his.

After almost two and half months with boyfriend I have had to make one of my household hygiene requests. His place is spotless. I like the smell of his deodorant and the feel of the rug in his living room on my bare feet. Last Sunday I spent the most painful eight hours trying to find sleep. His bed looks harmless but in those eight hours it did a lot of harm. I suspect this is why he calls himself an "insomniac," I can see why he can't stay in that bed anything over five hours in a row.

According o the Better Sleep Council "your mattress shouldn't be older than seven years."  Boyfriend bought his about 12 years ago when he got his first big break. It looked great and on the surface seemed to be in good condition but well past its use by date.

This how we ended up spending most of our Saturday testing bed after bed, The Pop Princess was right, they don't let you jump on the beds. By the end of the afternoo he'd settled on a comfy Sealy Posturepedic Classic.

Call me controlling. Call me selfish for making sure that any further nights I spend at boyfriend's house aren't torturous sleep-free nights. All I know is that he's not going to be sleeping around anymore, on that very Saturday he managed seven straight hours of sleep in bed.

How long have you had your bed?

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