All my Family Does is Sleep Around

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I remember a time in my life when I was quite happy -- read ecstatic -- if I found one of the children sleeping. When they were toddlers the motto really was to let them drop when they will and hope for the best. My daughter was especially stubborn because each time we tried to move her to her bed she'd wake up, so nap time was never really structured with her.

Fast forward to this past weeks of holidays, too much sugar, over-worked minds and bodies and everyone -- including hubby has committed the sin of sleeping wherever. You may remember the Better Sleep Council campaign against sleeping around. From that campaign I learnt that even though it feels wrong and like I'm disturbing their sleep it's best to wake my family up if they sleep anywhere but in their beds.

Why Sleeping Around is bad for you.

1. It's a sign of sleep depravation and tiredness.

If you are constantly falling asleep any and everywhere it means you are exhausted and are probably not getting enough sleep.

2. The best kind of sleep is planned.

Again, falling asleep at random intervals is not a good sign. Even if you take a short nap it should be a conscious decision you make; panctuated by you be able to go to your bed.

3. Habit.

A lot of sleep experts advise us to keep regular sleep and wake cycles -- in order to tune our body clock. They also advise creating a sleep-conducive environment, this all gets your body ready for sleep. If you're dropping at your desk, on the couch and at dinner parties you are hardly getting your body ready or used to sleeping.

4. Danger.

Falling asleep in strange places is a dangerous habit especially if you drive or have small children. Speak to your doctor for help to improve our quality of sleep and avoid finding yourself in dangerous situations.

Besides, I can't see a better place to go to sleep than on my Sealy bed.

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