Animals & their crazy sleep requirements!

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Human beings need 7.5 hours per day... but not all are created equal. Check out these crazy critters and their sleep requirements.

giraffe copy

1. Giraffes

Our tall friend, the giraffe, sleeps for only 2 hours per day. That's only 114 minutes of sleep per day! That makes it the mammal that gets the least sleep. It is said that giraffes take power naps of 5 minute intervals to stay fresh. There are a few theories why this is so... their considerable height, their heart muscle which has to pump blood up to their brain and the fact that they are tasty prey...

2. Dolphins

The bottle-nosed dolphin sleeps 10 and a half hours per day, but to prevent drowning keeps one half of its brain firing so that it can surface and breathe.They also sleep with one eye open, just in case there is any danger lurking.

3. Brown bats

These sleepy creatures hang upside down for 20 hours per day! They wake at night to feed and clean up a bit before hitting the sack again. Interestingly, they have to sleep high up as they struggle to start flying if they don't have gravity to assist them.

4. Donkeys

Seen to sleep for only 3 hours a day, it's no wonder these mules seem so grumpy. It seems that these domesticated animals have been unable to shake the evolutionary survival mechanism that keeps them on the lookout for predators.

5. Pythons

If you get eaten by a python you must be pretty unlucky. Pythons sleep for 18 hours a day so your chance of spotting one awake is pretty slim. Although it might be tough to tell if this guy is asleep or awake. Pythons have no eyelids so they never shut their eyes! Theses snakes just got even creepier...

Which animal are you? A sleepy bat or a sleep-deprived giraffe?



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