Baby it’s Cold Outside: Things to do During Bad Weather

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Today news people have been counting the damage Hurricane Sandy has inflicted on the east coast of the United States of America. Friends of mine in Germiston, Johannesburg experienced a hailstorm that broke some of the windows in their home; I have also looked on as pictures of the floods in the Eastern Cape have been put on news sites. Though the weather in my part of the world is not as bad or as damaging, it's still made going outside an option none of us were keen on. This is a bit of what we got up to wile the bad weather kept us indoors. I hope this post gives you ideas of things to do while less than desirable weather conditions keep you indoors.

1. Get Organised

On Thursday night when hubby and I had to cancel date night as well as my youngest son's sleep over I put everybody to work organising their rooms. Bad weather always gives me a great excuse to make everyone clean up their bedrooms and repack their wardrobes.Ma Zane and I stopped helping out because each time we de-cluttered their wardrobes my family would complain that they couldn't find any of their clothes and two days later the bedrooms -- newly organised wardrobes included --would look like a war-zone.

If you are stuck indoors on days or nights you usually have something planned, use the time to organise you cupboards, pantry and wardrobes.

2. Study/Read

Friday Afternoon my oldest son convinced his friends (though I suspect they convinced him, I'm famous for my scones, muffins and hot chocolate) to come over after school for a revision session. Young Mister and I were in the kitchen finishing up a project and my daughter was up in her room reading. When the boys took a break from their revision we all sat in the kitchen and indulged on the baked goods.

3. Cook, Bake and Feed your People

I am such a mother. When it gets cold, when I have nowhere else to go and very little to do, I cook. I think I cooked porridge three mornings out of five, baked a batch of goodies that would have fed a small lower primary school, and I had time to experiment with dinner. Hubby is very paranoid and thinks that all this was done to sabotage his new fitness phase; so he'd probably suggest an indoor family workout, which I think is a good idea.

4. Bond

When we weren't watching animation movies, we spent the time looking through old family photographs and watching home videos. We don't go down memory lane enough because most of the old albums were new to my youngest.

I hope you're all safe during these unpredictable climates. I also hope that these items were helpful.

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