A baby monitor that looks like a sock

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Baby monitors and baby monitor apps have been used to help parents keep an eye (and an ear) on their babies whether they find themselves near or far. When a monitor is working well it brings peace of mind- parents know their babies are still breathing, warm and safe in their cribs.

However, to date, baby monitors have had their limitations- false alarms; failed alarms; dependence on electricity; messy, and potentially dangerous electrical wires… Many parents have opted to go without to avoid these pitfalls.

Enter the Owlet Baby Monitor that is worn like a sock and measures both heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep state. The information is sent to any smart phone and interpreted by the Owlet App.

What you get:
• Smart Sock Kit (sizes one through three)
• Sock Electronics
• Base Station and corresponding charging cords
• Exclusive access to the Owlet app

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Watching a baby sleep is one of the greatest joys of parenthood, whilst unintentionally waking a sleeping baby is one of the great frustrations.

Is the Owlet Baby Monitor just what you need?

We would love to hear your views.

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