Bad days come in threes

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How I am sitting here with a chilled glass of mother's medicine — as coined by one of my most favourite people (ma Zane) — and writing a recap of my not-very nice last three days is a mystery to me. These few days proved to me that I'm not superwoman or supermum for that matter and that things go wrong, they will go so wrong you ask yourself in the middle of a beautiful dream sequence if things would ever be right again, if you will be able to completely tick an item off your to-do list.

 The weekend started like any other weekend but better, hubby was supposed to be coming in at lunchtime and we had a family day of board games and too-much ice cream planned. But it was not to be. He had to cancel the planned weekend at home and instead schmooze some business contacts at a golf course and then dine them —well they did the inviting, but you get the picture. I could tell on the phone that he also was as displeased about it as we all were. Another time it would have been a great day of golf and dinner but it's going to a month since we last saw him.

That very night I had great difficulty finding sleep thanks to the too-much ice cream when my oldest came in to tell me that somebody had whatsapped him something about something else. Bottom line? He no longer had his lift for next morning's training session, the best part was that I was now playing weekend driver at 04h30! So not only was I finding it difficult to fall asleep, but I had to be up whether or not I got any sleep.

I was able to steal about five hours of sleep. When the alarm telling me to wake up at 04h00 rang, I was tying the laces of my running shoes ready to get this over and done with.

By the time my head hit the pillow on Sunday night I was out like a light. My luck didn't improve the next morning though, because 30 minutes after her school transport was supposed to pick her up my daughter was still sitting in the living room waiting. Upon phoning the driver I found out that he was on  few days' leave and his stand in was lost somewhere in surbabia  trying to pick up our kids. She got to school 45 minutes late.

What this has taught me that things do go wrong and making lists and schedules is my way of showing faith and hoping for the best. When things go wrong — and they will — have yourself some of mother's medicine and relax.

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