Balanced Student Life: Sleep, Exercise and more…

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Studying outside

Recently, I read that a man called Jack Welch once said that "there’s no such thing as work-life balance. There are work-life choices, and you make them, and they have consequences." That's how I feel about deciding to get an education. Going to university is not easy but it's a necessary (for most) part of life. It won't be easy -- it certainly wasn't for me or anyone I know -- but it's worth it.

If we agree with this Welch guy that you can't give 50% of time, energy and effort to your studies and the other to socialising, learning outside of the desk-chair model and the other facets of your life then what facets are worthy?What choices enhance learning, graduating on time and being work-ready? What's worth sacrificing learning time?

These are the things I did outside of class and study hall that gave me and edge and contributed back to my learning. These things offered balance -- yeah, I said it! -- to my life and varsity.

1. Sleep.

Sleep is means a great deal to me. It gave me a chance to relax and recharge; got me ready to tackle projects and exams alike. I don't subscribe to that "stay up until you understand/until it gets done" motto. When you can't crack a concept of get a project just right sleeplessness must certainly frustrate you more. Worsening the situation.

2. Stay Active

I've been guilty of feeling like I was too busy to exercise but found that a quick, 20 - 30-minute walk or run turns my perspective right around. I recommend this! Plus you get to still fit in your high school jeans, which is a great thing because student life is expensive.

3. Broaden Your Horizons

Give yourself a chance to have a balanced student life. Join a club or two, meet new people, volunteer, get a part-time job. This way Varsity isn't just a bout frustrating learning and deadlines. Make your time there count.

I think having a balanced student life, especially one that prioritises sleep and fitness of body and mind, is better that having one of sleepless nights and stressing about term papers.

What are your thoughts?

Cheers to the weekend!


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