Balding and Sleep – Is their a link?

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It seems that the older one gets, the less hair and less sleep one acquires. Could there be a link between these two precious resources?

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1. Can the position you sleep in every night cause balding?


EXPLANATION: Whilst how you sleep is implicated in developing wrinkles, its not to blame for baldness. Sleeping on the side or back of your head does influence the blood flow to your skin, however, this change is not significant enough to cause balding. It's also not a factor in helping hair grow back after sudden hair loss. There is evidence that improved blood flow equals increased hair growth, which is why some hair loss remedies cause vasodilation (the blood vessels widen causing more blood flow to the skin), but vasodilation alone won't preserve your locks.

WAY FORWARD: Ditch hairstyles that limit blood flow such as tight buns and ponies, corn rows or tight braids. Guys, avoid tight fitting hats and beanies. You can also add a little massage to your hair washing ritual but remember that baldness is largely governed by genetics and stress levels rather than blood flow. The good news? There is no need to change how you sleep to spare your hair. Just make sure you are getting enough sleep!

2. Can sleep deprivation cause balding?


EXPLANATION: A lack of sleep unleashes a whirlwind of hormonal changes - not to mention a sudden change in eating patterns too.  Plus the lack of sleep is usually caused by a stressful event such as having a baby, losing your job, getting bad news about a loved one. This stress unleashed even more stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline, which are sleep killers. If there is a prolonged lack of sleep then permanent baldness can result.

WAY FORWARD: Sleep deprivation is a complex issue. If you wake up feeling awful and know you are not getting a solid 7.5 hours every night then do some reading and get yourself some help. There are experts that can help both your lack of hair and sleep! Your GPs office is a good place to start as is your hairdresser's chair.

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  1. Sleep is really very important for our health. Thanks a lot for this post.

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