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I write this post with a bittersweet heart because as much there is good in the world as shown by initiatives like Rhino Hero there's still a lot of evil, ignorance and very little education as far as the plight of our rhinos is concerned. According to this article, last week Thursday rhino poaching in South Africa was at an all time high with 455 rhinos killed so far this year alone. The article also states that South Africa is "home to 70% of the world’s rhino population (and 90% of Africa’s population.)" This means that the more rhino are killed here, the less we'll have in the rest of the world, which is not good at all. I am glad  that  there's good news in all this; organisations and individuals working to be rhino heros

 I'm always pleased when I come across great causes and my policy is always to share ad pass the information along. It is my belief (as I have mentioned many times before) that people want to help and make this world a better place -- no contribution is ever too small -- the only thing stopping them is lack of information on what they can do where they are. If you're one such person who is concerned about the rhino crisis and want to contribute to efforts, then you picked the right day to read this blog because I have such information to share.

Shortblackmocca have developed a game app in association with the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) called Rhino Hero. Rhino hero Zamani, often shortened to Zama (which means try in South African Nguni languages) is described in a press release as: " he doesn’t have x-ray vision or super strength. He’s doesn’t hail from a long gone planet nor does he possess any discernable super power. His strength comes from the people who support his cause. The premise of the game is simple – players launch Zama the Rhino Hero into poacher’s camps, giving him the momentum to stomp out and destroy the camps, one by one, scoring points and proceeding from one level to the next."

The game is now availabe on itunes, my children love it. You can also show support to Zama and be a Rhino Hero yourself by following him on twitter @RhinoHero and following the Facebook page. A portion of the proceeds will go toward the EWT anti-rhino poaching efforts.

Each one of us can contribute our efforts and help save our remaining rhino population.

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