Beauty sleep, the natural way

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At the beginning of spring I started planting all my favourite herbs in the garden again, they are now free from the pot plant garden by the bay window shielding them from the harsh winter and enjoy the warm Mpumalanga sun. Growing my own herbs is something I have been doing for a long time; I still remember that balconygarden I had at my first flat – I admittedly often drowned the poor plants out of guilt after a week in the scorching city sun without a drop of water and eventually killed them. As a corporate I often popped sleeping pills in the early hours of the morning just to claw my mind away from spreadsheet and get a bit of sleep. Even now in my mostly corporate-free life I often find it difficult to just go to bed, not when there are things to be done.  My wind-down nightly routine involves the following natural remedies, which have all helped me.

Chamomile Tea

My number one is chamomile tea, chamomile as an herb comes in various forms from oils and teas(of course) to dried flowers. I always have a cup of chamomile tea about 30 minutes to an hour before I go to bed.


Celery is filled with sedatives and therefore creates a bit of natural calm. I chew on a stick every once in a while.


Aromatherapy can go a very long way in calming your body down, soothing it and getting you ready for sleep. You can burn scented candles or use bath oils, I personally prefer lavender because it is proven to have ingredients that increase the release of relaxing waves to the brain – basically it balances your mood.

A Sachet of Hops

Stuffing a sachet of hops inside your pillowcase will help you stabilise your hormones, especially during your period; hops takes away all the irritability that often comes with that time of the month.

You are what you eat

As a firm believer in “we are what we eat” I know that foods like caffeine and sweets equal sleeplessness. Magnesium rich foods: seeds, leafy green vegetables and cashews increase your susceptibility to dreamland and a handful of wholegrain before bed can help you sleep better.

That's how I get natural sleep


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