Bed bug solutions

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I write this post not only as a researcher, but also from the perspective of lab rat. I have had the unfortunate experience in my life of discovering bed bugs in my bed... twice. The discoveries were more than 10 years apart, in different beds, in different towns. Both generations of bed bugs required a well planned attack. Here is the Bed Bug Attack Plan.

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Starve them

If putting your bed into quarantine is not an option then I highly recommend investing in a mattress and/or bed base cover that is designed to lock bed bugs in. If they cannot access human blood they will not be able to mature and breed.

If practical, then all suspected furnishings should be vacuumed (to remove adults) and sealed in plastic bags (to starve eggs that hatch) and banished to the bed bug room (to stop them relocating).

The difficulty is that bed bug larvae/nymphs can survive between 21 - 120 days without a meal and adults can live for 12-18 months! So any item put into isolation will need to stay in isolation for 4 months and then kept out the way of any adult bugs that are planning to move back in. That is why a permanent mattress cover is usually so effective - it starves the existing bugs and keep new bugs from setting up home.

Exterminate them

Adults can travel easily so if there are other sources of bed bug nutrition nearby (such as neighbours or regular guests) then you will need a farther reaching plan. No one likes the idea of spraying poison on their possessions but if the bed bugs have advanced outside of your bedroom and have taken up in your couches, armchairs and storage areas then you may need to consider paying an expert. There are many pesticides available on the market including some less noxious natural remedies, however, most are only moderately effective and usually require multiple treatments.

Bug Guard

Sealy offers a great alternative. Sealy offers the Sealy Bug Guard treatment on its mattresses. This has been shown to kill all bugs that come into contact with the mattress including bed bugs within 24 hours! This treatment is only available on new mattresses but ensures that if you invest in a mattress, you will not need to take any further steps to ensure a good night's sleep.

Bye bye bed bugs!


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