Bed Love

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I haven't done much of anything in these few days of the new year aside from read magazines and make mood boards. The total panic of being done with school (for now) and being unemployed hasn't completely gripped me. I haven't made any resolutions aside from the daily reminder stuck onto my mirror that says "do your best." In the end our best is all we can ever do.  I've also been doing a little bed appreciation -- the kind that goes beyond being in bed every moment I can get...

The other way I've found to show my bed my appreciation is budgeting for a bedding spree.  A few new sheets, pillow cases and comforters;  a blanket  and maybe a throw are all in my plan.

I'm looking for bedding that showcases my personality and brings a unique and fun look into my bedroom. Even though it's a personal space that not many people get to see I still want it to be a reflection or a representation me.

The look needs to be something that  I'm happy and inspired to wake up to and go to sleep to. I also want bedding that will add to the decor aspect of the space because my walls are drab.

If  you also have a Sealy bed then you owe it to it to make sure that it's well dressed. It's the least we (as owners and beneficiaries of its awesome technology) can do.

The top bed is adorned with Missoni bedding, which is probably just as expensive as the Egyptian cotton sheets in which I want day want to dress my bed -- for the aesthetic pleasure and pleasure of it.

What is your dream bedding like? do you choose based on aesthetic or functionality -- or both?

Cheers to the weekend!

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