Bedroom Safety Tips For The Elderly

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After last week's post, which was essentially about helping older people sleep through the pain of ageing, disease and injuries a safety post was a given. Of course even as I was composing the post I was already thinking about prevention methods. I'm a strong believer that prevention is better than cure, which is why I've written this post about how to prevent injuries to older people in the bedroom.

Senior citizens who live alone face a greater risk of being injured at home

1. Move down
Most injuries happen through falling down stairs, so if you live in a two-storey home then it's worth moving your bedroom to the ground floor. This way you don't climb the 10s of times a day, which eliminates the risk of falling.

To replace the cardio that comes from using the stairs you can always walk around the neighbourhood.

2. Cushion it
Slippery, shiny or tiled floors cause for slipping and falling often times than not. A carpeted floor makes it easier to balance and is great for cold nights. If you'd rather not (or can't afford to) carpet your entire bedroom then consider a rug beside your bed. This'll help you to get steady each time you leave your bed.

3. Bedside
Use your bedside table to assist you -- the less you have to get out of bed during the night the more unlikely you are to sustain an injury. Using a bedside lamp instead of an overhead one means turning on the bed and switching the light off instead of stumbling in the dark back to bed. Though keeping a drink of water beside your bed will eliminate the need to go to the kitchen during the night, consuming liquids will demand bathroom trips.

4. Cordless

Keep the area around the bed free of any cords, which are likely to cause tripping. No heater extension cords, phone chargers or lamp cables.

5. Fired up
Install and maintain smoke detectors and have a sure way to escape should a fire break out.

6. Play safe

I know that a lot of older people still participate in sexual intercourse and I think it's a part of having a great well-rounded life. The only thing I can recommend is that you keep the act simple, keep the experimentation to a minimum and on the bed. Do anything that strains your back or hips.

Do you have tips to share? Please add them in the comments section.

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