Bedtime and Wake up time: Don’t Hit Snooze

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I know I'm not the only mother out there who wishes that her children were still the early birds they were when they were toddlers. It bothered me very much when they were toddlers because baby's wake time is always mum's wake up time but their sleeping in -- particularly on school mornings bothers me.

My oldest used to complain about why he had to wake up only 15 minutes after his brother who goes to bed two hours before him. Of course he knew that school-day wake up times are carved in stone and if he felt like he didn't get enough sleep he simply had to go to bed earlier. Did I mention that he's also the snooze button champ in the family?

It is a proven method that has worked wonders for the rest of the family but the problem with my oldest is that he always wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to stay up late and wake up late the next morning, which is something that is never going to happen.

So if you or a member of your family or close circle of friendship are wondering what's the better way to get more sleep and wake up feeling refresh whilst being on time for school or work the answer is simple: go to bed earlier.

If you move your bedtime up by 10 minutes then you can sleep 10 minutes longer the next morning. But becareful not to chop and change this too much because your body clock might get confused and when that happens you will always wake up tired, regardless of how much sleep you had.

Sleep expert  Dr  Neil Stanley speaks about the body clock in this Daily Mail article about why the snooze button is not your friend:

"Sleep becomes lighter, body temperature starts rising, and hormones are released such as cortisol, the stress hormone, which gives you energy and “get up and go”. But if your body doesn’t have rhythm, it doesn’t know when you’re waking up and so it doesn’t prepare like this. The alarm goes off and your body’s not ready, and that’s why you feel so exhausted."

An accurate body clock not only helps you wake up feeling refreshed and oriented but it also serves as a good start to the day because your body is in the zone and doesn't feel ambushed by the new day.

My Sealy bed, an earlier bed time and a relaxed sleeping environment always make for a refreshed morning after.

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