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Bedwetting is a normal part of the toilet training process and is often the last hurdle for both parents and kids. Parents want to avoid scolding their children but often feel super frustrated when changing the bedding, mattress and an entire set of pyjamas at midnight. This week we look at ways to save your investment mattress as well as your child’s dignity.

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We all have been there. There was a time in our early childhood (and for some late childhood) when wetting the bed was a real and scary reality. One moment you would be sitting on the toilet and the next you would be waking up in a sodden bed confused, uncomfortable and embarrassed. Every child has a different temperament and every parent has their own preferences regarding toilet training. Here are some suggestions to help you through this phase. Combine the ones you feel comfortable with. Hurry up dry nights!

  1. Make a good start and buy a good mattress (like the Sealy cot mattress) that can handle wear and tear as well as requiring only a quick wipe down to clean.
  2. Buy two mattress protectors (one for the mattress and one as a backup).
  3. Buy enough bed linen while you are at it. There is nothing worse then digging around in the dark in the middle of the night trying to come up with an alternative sleep solution. Bamboo bed linen is a great option as it is breathable so it dries quickly. It is also robust which means it will survive multiple, high temperature washes.
  4. Limit fluids in the hours leading up to bedtime. This may be tricky if you have a busy child who ‘forgets’ to eat and drink during the day and fills up in the evenings so it may be easier to work out when the bedwetting occurs and wake your child 30 minutes prior to this. A disturbance to your sleep for sure, but this regular bathroom trip may just save you the linen change.
  5. If your child is off nappies during the day there is no harm in continuing with nappies at night for a few months until your child’s bladder control and awareness have improved. If you feel your child has started to rely on the nappy as a way to skip getting up then you may need to review this strategy.
  6. Reassure your child (and yourself!) that this is simply a phase and that this too shall pass.

Let us know how the Sealy products are working for you. We love your feedback.

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