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Can we all agree that the weekend never last as long as it used to and that the weekdays fly past when you have deadlines and so much to do in all that little time? Can we agree that there's not enough time to do everything in one day anymore? That important things like me-time and sleep are falling by the way-side for some? Am i the only one who thinks that morning comes too soon these days?

Though I'm still on top of my professional deadlines and and making sure that everything (well, everything in my control that is) runs smoothly at work I've found that my personal life isn't the same. There's no longer enough weekend to share between myself (banks, reading, a movie, gym) my family (my mother, my niece) and friends. More and more weekend lists are going uncrossed because I get so swamped.  These are some things I'll be trying out to see if I can't fit the important things in the 12 hours formerly known as "the weekend"

1. Kill a few birds with one stone:

This basically means doing more than one thing at once. My best friend and I have a date set at the beginning of March and we'll be going shopping; I need to get more skin care products and a few things for autumn and winter and she knows a few places. My mother has asked me to star walking with her on Friday evenings (kills gym bird) and boyfriend is quite the movie buff.

2. Check what's important:

It's easy to get sucked into the guilt machine and want to please everyone but I think it's important to prioritise. If I have a project due I will work the weekend and I would rather spend Sunday mornings running after my niece at the park instead of "doing brunch" with a high school friend I vaguely remember.

3. Ask For Help:

The greatest trait of a good leader is knowing when to delegate and it's no different in your personal life. As your partner, family or friends to help you out when you can't get important things like running to the post office done on time.

4. Get Off of the Internet

Put your phone down. Stop pinning fitness inspiration and go for that run you have on your list. Stop checking your work email because if it's really urgent they'll phone your mother to ask her to tell you to get your butt on a computer or to the office.


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