Best apps to promote productivity – How to clock more real hours at work with less distraction

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This is a safe space. All techies and normal citizens (like myself) are welcome. No judgement here. Let's start exploring these productivity apps together, slowly.

Last week I discovered that if I write in google calendar (via my gmail account), the same information I have typed in at work (or anywhere else) magically appears on my iPhone calendar wherever I may be. This google calendar also very pleasantly sends me an email reminder before any important events so that there is no chance of forgetting... which happens more and more these days thanks to multiple platforms.

Suddenly my lifelong dilemma of 'carrying my A4 paper diary with me at all times' versus 'risking the loss of said massive diary that houses my life' is no longer a dilemma at all. Theoretically, my iPhone could become my diary and my work bag could become a lot lighter.

But somehow this heavy paper load I carry is so comforting...and the slow pull of technology is equal parts Invigorating and Terrifying.

And so I come reluctantly to explore the world's handiest apps that help busy people stay on top of the pace of modern life. Mostly because I am struggling to do just this. Join me, if you feel like, and get ready to ride this technology wave.

1. Workflow Mobile App - An app that allows you to combine separate actions across apps to automate things you do everyday on your device. For example, you can automatically book your next Uber ride or upload your photos daily by touching one button rather than ten. Think of mindless actions you repeat over and over again. That's what workflow can help with.

2. Feedly Mobile App - An app that combines news (from sources such as websites, blogs and newsletters that you have picked) to create a story board of critical news stories so that related news stories or topics of interest are located near each other rather than across multiple platforms.

3. LastPass Mobile App - tired of keeping track of your super-secure usernames and passwords? Tired of trying to come up with more secure passwords? LastPass is an app that helps keep track of your most precious information. And it saves you time as you don't freeze every time you need to put in a password.

4. Evernote Mobile App - The king of note taking apps, Evernote allows you to keep everything from photographs, plans, notes and important files in one place. A great way of staying organised without the printing, punching and real-life filing.

5. Pocket Mobile App - A glorious time saving app, Pocket allows you to stash all those interesting articles you would love to read right now but really shouldn't or really can't. A great way to stay focused, but not miss out on the latest tear jerker or gossip photographs.

What apps make your life easier? We would love to hear from you.

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