Best Bedtime Books for little kids in 2015

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Studies show that only 1 in 3 parents read to their children before bed. Ouch. It's no wonder that our literacy levels and matric results are not looking so pretty.

Reading to kids is a goldmine. It's a chance to cuddle up next to you, calm down and stretch their brains. Yes, we are talking better concentration, improved pre-reading skills, a bigger vocabulary and better language skills.

It also provides a chance to explore big issues with your kids in small, age-appropriate doses - issues like love, birth, death, ethics and sexuality. It can be a very special time where your kids aren't sharing you with the TV, naughty dog or the dirty dishes.

So, if you are looking for some inspiration (for your kids or somebody else's) here are the Best Bedtime Books for 2015 according to the Sealy Sleep Expert.



dragon book copy

A bedtime tale of a dragon that becomes a mummy by loving a baby penguin. A story that celebrates being different... and going to sleep!


2. SNOOZE FEST by Samantha Berger (Author), Kristyna Litten (Illustrator)

snoozefest copy

A sloth that specialises in sleeping attends the most wonderful music festival that is all about sleeping.

3. GOODNIGHT ALREADY by Jori John and Benji Davies

goodnight already book copy

Bear wants to sleep, but his neighbour Duck has other plans for him.

4. GO TO SLEEP OR I LET LOOSE THE LEOPARD by Steve Cole (Author), Bruce Ingman (Illustrator)

leopard book copy

The New Babysitter can't get the kids to bed no matter what she tries, but she has one more trick up her sleeves.

5. ONCE UPON A CLOUD by Claire Keen

cloud book copy

A little girl must travel far into the sky to find her mother the perfect gift to show her how much she loves her.

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