Best Bedtime Reads 2013

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A lot has been written about bed hygiene and it is now widely accepted that to promote circadian rhythms and melatonin release, one should stay away from bright lights before bedtime. This includes screens of any kind including TV, computer, movie or mobile phone. I am sure that there is a product being developed by someone, somewhere, that magically does not turn off melatonin and therefore allows you to slumber sweetly thereafter, but, until then I am afraid that your best bedtime companion is going to sound very old fashioned. It is a book. And no, not the electronic, Kindle E-reader kind.

It is rumoured in Academic circles that both reading and writing promote mental health and intellectual development by allowing ideas and images to be processed at a manageable speed. MRI and CT brain scans show how the whole brain colourfully engages  in processing imagined images and interpreting written words ,where as most of the brain appears to 'switch off' and disengage during screen time. Perhaps this is why many say after watching the official movie: "Nope. The book was far better."

So to help you pick out one or two great holiday bedtime reads here it is: The Sealy Best Bedtime Reads of 2013

1. Mandela Long Walk To Freedom by Mandela - A fitting time to remember a great man's life and find inspiration for the year ahead.

2. Things That Matter by Charles Krauthammer - Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics

3. The Goldfinch by Donna Tart - The tale of Theo, an orphan turned artist caught between two worlds.

4. Sycamore Row by John Grisham - Another legal thriller with a suicide and an unlikely will at the centre of the plot.

5. Miracles & Massacres by Glenn Beck - True & untold stories of the making of America

6. The Story Teller by Jodi Picoult - A story of forgiveness and justice years after the holocaust has ended

7. David & Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell - A look at underdogs, misfits and battling giants

8. An Inconvenient Youth by Fiona Ford - Julius Malema and the 'new' ANC

9. The Last Winter of Dani Lancing by PD VIner - A thrilling look at a little girl's secret

10. Stay Where You Are & Leave by John Boyne - A novel set in World War I that explores the relationship between father and son.

Whatever titles you pick, we wish you happy bed time reading. We hope these best-sellers don't keep you up all night. But if they do, we hope you enjoy every page.

Share your thoughts with us: What book are you taking along on holiday?

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