Best blogs for the ladies

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If you are finding your Facebook feed and Twitter account dull and dusty then perhaps you need to browse a new avenue. Why not engage with some of the world's best blogs and get inspired by FREE and GREAT content?

Blogs are diverse and feature everything from revealing diary entries to beautiful decor to exciting travel competitions; plus the writers are usually witty, intelligent and successful women who can act as virtual role models offering helpful advice and tips as well as some wet-your-pants laughs.

South Africa's blogging community has begun to take off, but there is still definitely a GREAT need for more contributors. Here is a list of some local is lekker blogs that come highly recommended...

1. Homeology - for creative inspiration for home decor SA style

2. The Kate Tin - for foodies who lean heavily towards all things sweet

3. Yomzansi - for local entertainment, gossip and news

4. I heart your outfit - for modern, working mums with a love for vintage clothing

5. Rattle & Mum - for parenting advice and a virtual support network


Why not craft your own blog and share your passion with the world?

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