Braai4Heritage Day

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Happy Heritage Day!

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Or should I say Happy Braai Day!

Or should I say Happy Braai4Heritage Day!

Yes, this wonderful public holiday keeps evolving... just like our Rainbow Nation, even the name of the day has changed...TWICE!

The history of Heritage Day is as follows... The 24th of September has always been Shaka Day in Kwa-Zulu Natal. It was a day to celebrate King Shaka and how he had united the many Zulu clans into one united tribe. When apartheid ended in 1994, the Inkhata Freedom Party (IFP) requested that this day be recognised as an official South African public holiday. And so we have been getting the 24th off ever since.

It was 11 years later, in 2005, that Jan Scannell re-branded the day, National Braai Day, with Archbishop Desmond Tutu as the patron. The theory is that getting together around a braai is going to promote dialogue, togetherness and happiness... 'cause we all love to eat and who doesn't feel better after a good meal?

So, as you enjoy your day off , the Sealy team encourages you to light a lekker braai and make some new chinas... and appreciate how far we have come. There will probably be some folk around your table that couldn't have been there 20 years ago. Whether you are eating pap 'n vleis, nyama nyama, ribbetjies or roast, we pray for many more years of peace and prosperity for all Safas.

Keep the Madiba flame alive and braai, braai, braai.






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