Can making your bed make your life better?

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I came across an interesting blog recently called The Art Of Manliness. The blog featured an article titled "How to make a bed you can bounce a quarter off of". The article details how to make a bed that an army sergeant would approve of, but it also makes some interesting comments on the connection between doing simple tasks well and doing life well.

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The section that got me thinking was: "Men looking to get their lives together often want to tackle big goals while the rest of their life is a disorganized mess. Get the little things in your life under control, and the sense of confidence and satisfaction you’ll feel will help you move on the big things. So if you’re looking to move your life out of neutral, making your bed first thing in the morning might be the best way to start".

If making your bed well takes less than one minute, then what is stopping us from including this as part of our basic morning routine? Is the first step towards achieving your Big Life Goals making your bed?

It is often said that people express on the outside what is going on in the inside. Messy emotions? Messy car. Disorganized thought life? Disorganized office desk. Feeling overwhelmed? Chances are so is your clothing closet. Clutter and disorder can derail your ability to achieve your potential as your stuff becomes harder and harder to manage. Organising your outer world can help create a sense of order and calm in your inner world.

If you are up for the challenge, here is the cheat sheet to help you get on the road to a made bed... every morning.

  • After waking, air out your bed while you get on with the rest of your morning routine. Get dressed, eat your breakfast, pack your bag and then return to make your bed and brush your teeth. Linking making your bed (a task you don't think is essential) with brushing your teeth (a task that hopefully you do view as essential) will help make both these tasks happen before you run out the door.
  • To save time, use a fitted sheet and duvet. Fitted sheets require a little shaking but don't require hospital corners, tucking and fussing. A duvet simply needs to shaken and spread out.
  • Love your bed. Its easier for us to look after things that we love. Get a great duvet. Pick out amazing bed linen. Keep it clean so it smells fresh. Use scented candles or room spray so that you associate your bed with good things. Once you are set up, it will be easier to maintain.

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What are your thoughts? Does making the bed, make you a better man?

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