Caring for Your Natural Tresses

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Caring for natural (black) hair is not the easiest thing in the world, especially if it has been subjected to chemicals and heat. I had to learn how long my hair was willing to take  protective hairstyles for. With winter almost in full swing I have to stay on top of the routine: wash, protective hairstyle, wash, treatment, protective hairstyle.

There are ways to help your hair along. When you have made the decision to go natural often length becomes a worry. Let's look at what might be causing your stagnating  hair growth.  This article put it very well:

1. Breakage:

If you ignore split-ends, which also happen to the oldest parts of your hair, they will stop it growing. So trim your hair. Cut off as much of the weak ends as you need to. It will grow and in the end your hair will thank you.

2. Regimen Confusion

It's lovely when people recommend great products that have worked for them, it's helpful and is a great guide. However, not everything is going to work on your hair as it does for other people. Your job is to be able to recognise when it is not working and to move on.

3. Too Much Heat

A lot of hair cannot cope with heat. Though it may look nice and be easy to manage after heating, you hair may not like it. Watch how it behaves, if it starts to break after, steer away from direct heat.

Then there is the business of moisurising your hair.  My favourite has to be all the natural oil on the market, they soften strengthen and give hair a nice shine.

1. Coconut Oil prevents dandruff, strengthens hair as well as promote growth.

2. Castor Oil will strengthen, tame frizz, moisturise and it too promotes growth.

3.Avocado Oil is full of great nutrients for your hair: It’s filled with nutrients, amino acids, essential fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, B, D, and E. It happens to be great for moisturising, deep conditioning, strengthening hair, and boosting shine.

Herbs are also great for natural hair.

1. Lavender promotes growth, it has anti-bacterial an anti fungal agents that soothe the scalp. It also smells wonderful. I love this suggestion from Black Girl With Long Hair: "Place in a cool, dark spot and allow to age for 3 to 4 weeks. Use the lavender infused oil as a daily scalp massage." 

Take care of your natural hair this season, do what feels right for you and your hair.

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