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Don’t hoard – Make a headboard!

Upcycling has taken the world by storm turning the décor world on its head. ‘Useless’, broken and out-of-date pieces are suddenly must-haves and re-doing old pieces of furniture rather than ‘buying’ new pieces of furniture is recognised as good – good for the environment, good taste and good will. When it comes to headboards, the…
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Plants for your bedroom

Plants are good for your soul… Why not add a burst of freshness to your boudoir by considering some of these ideas? 1. The symmetrical use of Ostrich Ferns bring a pop of colour and texture to this room that would otherwise be lacking. Ferns just love living indoors. 2. Ferns also make great ‘chandeliers’…
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Exploring the senses and sleep: TASTE

Taste is one of seven senses (yup, there are seven, not five, your school lied!) and it emerges surprisingly soon after conception. The first connection between brain and taste bud occurs at 8 weeks gestation. By 16 weeks, the fetus starts swallowing amniotic fluid and processing a variety of tastes. As adults, our taste buds…
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