Celebrating Summer!

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How to enjoy the change of seasons - here comes Summer!

Summer is my family's season - we are Summer people. For us, it's the highlight package of the year: it's when we have our family holiday, celebrate our birthdays, enjoy Christmas cheer and see our nearest and dearest. We enjoy the early sunrises, balmy nights and get to the beaches long before finding a parking is an issue.

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But not all folk find the heat brings happiness (there are a few pale, ginger-haired friends that are springing to mind and some menopausal grannies I can see frowning already). So, if you want to make the most out of this season, here is the Sealy Sleep Experts hit list.

1. Get a Mozzie net

Whilst it may be fun to keep score on who kills the most mosquitoes in the house, it's probably better to get a great night's rest. Mozzie nets keep the mozzies away. They are inexpensive and very effective (especially if treated with insecticide).

2. Get a Good Fan

And no, I am not talking about the kind that follow you around! It's the kind of fan that keeps you cool and the air moving. A good fan lulls you to sleep without any strange clunking or squeaking.

3. Dive into your wardrobe

Let loose on your wardrobe and create some fun Summer staples that will put a smile on your dial every time you get dressed. Cut those winter jeans into beach shorts, lose the sleeves on that t-shirt, draw a funny message under the soles of your slip slops... Give creative and cool a chance. Steer away from anything tight and super-revealing - unless you're under 25!

4. Find a new drink

The best way to cool off is to enjoy a cold glass of.... water? lemonade? wine spritzer? Why not get out the box and try a new refreshment. You may just love elderflower juice or that new bubble tea drink. Who knows, right?

5.Try a new colour

A small change can help you feel happier! A different lipstick or nail polish colour; a fresh hair colour or a different tone for your boardshorts can make Summer more sizzling.

Hello Summer!

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