Children will give you grey hairs

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Youthful and fashionable greys

Sometime ago when the second term of this school year began my youngest came to me with his homework and asked: "Ma, what causes grey hair?" My fingers instinctively combed through my tresses and I responded "I don't know, we'll phone grandma and ask." The finger comb was not as instinctive  as it was self conscious. In the last few years I have  gradually found a couple of grey hairs, which I think are more of a genetic premature greying problem. At the end of the chat with my mother and a short Google search he settled on the answer that grey hairs are both genetics and stress related.

My mother started greying in her late 40s, so as far as genes are concerned, I should be safe. The stress part on the other hand is another issue all together. If I am not stressing about the general state of the world and my family's future in it. I'm  stressing about their actions and decisions.

My oldest was injured in a semi final rugby match. Nothing in life measure to the feeling you get when you see your child twisting in agony, not even the image of them scoring a try a few minutes prior will comfort you. This revealed to me once more that I could never be a stage mum because his coach suggested that he still go to the winter camp, where they wouldn't work him too hard but he would still stay in a great fitness condition. I said no. That is worth a handful of grey hairs.

My daughter is also going to a two-week long winter dance camp on the other side of the country. She's 13! Sure when I was her age I traveled across the globe with people I could barely call family friends but those were different times. And she is so shy. Each time I start to worry about her trying to make friends with a group of strangers I'll have the excited look on her face when she got in. Her eagerness to learn more, explore and meet new people. Hopefully that'll be enough to counteract the grey hair causing motherly worry.

My youngest came to hubby and I with a proposal for the up coming holidays. He would like to shift his bedtime by an hour and a half because he won't have to be up until 08h00 every morning. I was proud of his chart. Hubby and I agree to give  him an extra 20 minutes before he went to bed without a television extension though.

Whether through age, genetics or stress, the few grey hairs I have have been a result of the life I've led, one I wouldn't change for anything... Okay, maybe some hair colour will do in a couple of years.

What gives you grey hairs?

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