This Christmas give a Sealy mattress, give the gift of sleep

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Sealy has been manufacturing mattresses on South African soil for 50 years. Whilst you may have missed out on our birthday celebrations, you don’t have to miss out on another year of great sleep.

This Christmas give the gift that will bring health and wealth everyday- a Sealy mattress. Brilliantly engineered to support your body and align your spine as you sleep, the result is a healthy, restful sleep, night after night.

The Sealy team understands that not every mattress is created equal and that different people need differing amounts of support and comfort. That’s why we have created a mattress range that includes both affordable and luxury designs.

As all mattresses need to be replaced every 10–15 years, you may find that this festive season is the perfect time for you to invest in something you will enjoy every night and every morning.

If you are travelling, and staying in a hotel, remember to ensure that you get to sleep on your favourite Sealy by clicking here.

May this Christmas be a time of peace, joy, wisdom and love as you fall asleep on a Sealy.

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