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Give the gift of a good night's sleep - every night! Here are three very different gifts that aid sleep health in different ways. Whether your loved one is struggling to wake up, fall asleep or stay asleep there is a piece of technology out there designed to help them slumber more sweetly. I like these devices as their design is based on sleep science. Good luck choosing!

Fitbit One copy

The Fitbit One

A really nifty little gadget worn like a watch. Released in 2012 this is an all-in-one sleep and lifestyle enhancing piece of technology. By day, the Fitbit One functions as a pedometer tracking the number of steps you have made and the number of calories burned. By night it functions as a sleep monitor as well as a silent, vibrating wrist alarm. Your sleep is enhanced as you will be more aware of how much exercise and activity you are getting during the day as well as able to view a variety of sleep graphs so you can monitor your sleep quality.

Click here for the official Fitbit One site. $99.99 or R1050.


Wake up light copy

The Philips Wake Up Light Plus

If you need more than a lot of noise to get you going in the mornings then this is the alarm clock for you. This alarm clock uses light therapy or 20 light intensities to allow you to simulate dawn and dusk to engage your natural circadian rhythms and help you to go to sleep or wake up faster. In addition, you can choose some pleasant sounds to match your light intensity - wake up to a range of natural noises as well as the radio or your favourite iTune. Unfortunately not available in South Africa yet so you will have to shop online.

Click here to order from the US Philips site. $69.99 or R740.


The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock iPhone Appsleep cycle alarm clock copy

This may be a great gift for a loved one's stocking - if they own an Android phone that is. This clever app uses the movement sensitivity technology of your iPhone to track your movements during sleep and wake you up when you are in a light sleep phase. Simply download the app and pop your device under your pillow or sheet. Not only will you wake up feeling better but you will also be able to analyse your sleeping patterns.

Click here for more information from the Sleep Cycle site. R15.99.


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