Cleanse Week

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Starting last week Sunday until yesterday I was on a self imposed cleanse. Though my life is relatively slower and not quite as jam packed as it used to be, I still have to take time out every now and then.

1. Body Cleanse:

I am always good about my water consumption and conscious of everything else I put into my body. The diet part of my cleanse involved cutting out meat, consuming more water and a mostly fresh and raw diet. I kept up with my tea to assist with maintaining my anti-oxidant level high. Here is a list of 10 best teas to help with your detox.

The external part of my body cleanse involved exfoliants and scrubs to remove dead cells. I finally got to use the home spa the kids put together for me as a Mother's Day present: bath salts, facial masks for which I had to get a fresh avo because the one that came with the hamper had been eaten. The best part of the home spa was the foot treatment.A ten minute soak, a scrub, massage and then lotioning... Bliss. Make your own home foot treatment.

2. Home Cleanse:

I cannot stand excess, but in a busy household with five children it can accumulate. Yesterday when the cleanse finished the blankets black bag had two blankets, the jersey and jackets bag was halfway full and we ended up needing two bags for clothes. Some of the items have been in the family for the last couple of years, others were gifts that  no longer fit anybody. We will be taking these to the primary school when it reopens. I am strongly of the belief that even though it's old to you, to somebody else it's brand new.


3. Technology Cleanse:

There is so much noise in our lives! On an empty flight to Cape Town I felt like I hadn't left home because everyone was Ping-ing and messaging me. I got to read the news and further research for my meeting. That is my life. The technology cleanse was my biggest challenge. I started this stage of the cleanse gradually and a week in advance. It happened in stages:

  1. I informed my friends and business associates that because of the cleanse I would only check my email three times a day.
  2. Packed my smartphone away. It's a smartphone if it delivers emails straight to you, right?
  3. The children were allowed only one hour of TV, so they had to choose each day what they wanted to watch. It was fun watching them take decisions together.
  4. With the schools closed, the computer was off limits.
The technology part of my cleanse has worked quite well for me. I have turned off my email notifications on my phone and only check them on the computer three times a day. If it's important people phone.
Here are more tips on how to have a technology cleanse.

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