Common Causes of Sleeplessness in Older Adults

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As a woman of a certain age who is mostly surrounded by men and women of the same generation I've found that some of the problems I often face as a result of being in this phase on my life is something shared by many of my peers. More often than not -- after the topics of family, money and news has been exhausted -- we drift to the topic of self-care. It's through these exchanges that I learnt that I wasn't going insane but rather going through chemical changes when I was going through menopause. It's also these exchanges that have opened my eyes to just how many people -- men and women, over 50 are battling sleeping problems. This is why today we'll be looking at what causes sleep problems for people of a certain age.

For me, self-care is a comprehensive way of life that involves physical activity, a balanced diet, staying hydrated, keeping one's mind sharp and sleeping well. My whole approach to self-care rests squarely on the shoulders of good sleep. I don't a way of possibly caring about what I eat or be able to go for regular walks if I don't have regular, good sleep. What stand between you and your good night's sleep also stands between you and your good health. Here are a few causes of bad sleep habits among those of us who are at the golden age.

1. Medications

When you get to be my age you can't help but need more medication than you've ever needed before (if you're still young and reading this, take care of your bones, heart and mind.) Find out from your GP if there isn't a generic or natural alternative you could take instead. Always communicate with your doctor and voice any problems you may be experiencing.

2. Lack of Exercise

When I don't exercise I feel tired and sleepy -- at all times! Some physical activity daily, well before bedtime, will help you sleep better. Exercise is great for the release of happy hormones.

3. Bad Sleep Environment & Habits

If your body is used to only five hours of sleep, going to sleep late at night or sleeping in late it might struggle at a later life stage. You have to re-look your sleep patterns and start anew. Train your body and mind anew. This is what makes a sleep-friendly bedroom.

4.  Sleep Disorders

Disorders like restless leg syndrome, apnea and snoring occur more in older folks.

Whatever your sleep challenges, be sure to consult your doctor before making any changes to diet or medicine and exercise in moderation until you get used to it.


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