Conforming mattresses – too close for comfort?

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Choosing the right mattress can be a daunting task.  Especially when you're picking out what you think will be 'the last mattress we buy' or the Pension Pay-out mattress as I like to call it. When nearing retirement, you may find yourself hitting some new dilemmas.


1. Your body is sore

Once over 45 years old, you will have arthritis somewhere. Unfortunately it's just part and parcel of normal wear and tear on your joints. You will be wanting a mattress that gives more support to your weary body...

...and so will probably be shopping in the conforming mattress section. Mattresses laden with gel and memory foam that promise to ease pressure points and soften your night's sleep.


2. Someone in your bed is probably having hot flushes...

It can take a decade to get through menopause. That could be 3650 nights of bad sleep if you or your partner are tossing, turning and flinging blankets around...

...and so you may find that a conforming mattress leaves you feeling hotter, stickier and simply unhappier.

That's where Sealy Cool Smart Memory Foam comes in. cool-smart-memory-foamThis very clever foam is able to respond to both body temperature and weight, keeping you cooler than normal memory foam. By absorbing motion, it also reduces partner disturbance. Furthermore, the mattresses include airvents which keep your mattress fresh and dry.

If you're still feeling uneasy and all the Sleep Industry jargon is baffling then here is a simple, straight-forward guide to buying your best bed. Check it out now to avoid that gut-churning buyer's remorse.

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