Controlling Weight, The Natural Way

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There was once a time when I kept track of my weight like clockwork.  I don't just mean during my teens or early 20s but long after that. Even thinking about it now I wonder where I got all that time because my life had always seemed so busy. Yet, I had time to step on a scale every other morning and check fat content on the packing of food before I consumed it. I suppose you're thinking "well that's what you still do to this day!"

I don't blame you for thinking that but it's different today. I don't check for kilojules and saturated fat and all of that in packaging anymore. Today I check whether the food was grown organically or if I'm about to fill my body with pesticides. Back then it wasn't about exercising in order to get fitter and feel stronger but instead to get thinner and fit into that suit without looking like I'm going to spill over at any moment. It took a while for me to switch from the mentality that I had to take care of myself only for aesthetic purposes and to the the point at which I am today; taking care of my body in order for it to take care of me.

Kilojule counting and frantic exercising is not a healthy way of getting healthier. It's been a couple of months since I did a physical activity with staying fit in mind and it's starting to take its toll. Which is why I've decided to resume my morning or evening walks. Not only is it great exercise it makes for great me time and helps me clear my head.

If you are looking for other ways to control your weight (along with your fitness) then these are a few of my favourite natural ways to do so:

1. Lemon water: Lemons are filled with antioxidants and starting your morning with a glass of warm water and a slice of lemon has been proven to jump start the metabolism.

2. Smaller more frequent meals. I think we've all heard this but I'll repeat it: Smaller and frequent meals keep your metabolism working.

3. Think of food as fuel, nothing more.

4.  Listen to your body. LOVE your body and keep it at its best. Always be kind to yourself.

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