Coolest Easter Ideas

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Get ready for Easter with these Egg-cellent ideas!! Whether you are planning to give Easter your full gastronomique attention or are trying to maintain your healthy eating plan despite this holiday, here are some cute and different ideas to inspire you and your family.

1. Carrot pots - Strawberries dipped in white chocolate dyed with orange food colouring make cute and edible decorations. For soil, use chocolate mousse plus a layer of crushed oreos. For more details visit

carrots pots copy

2. Pretty Pastel Deviled Eggs - a savoury, but special Easter-themed treat. It really doesn't look like much more work than making traditional deviled eggs. The only extra step is soaking the cooked egg whites in food colouring. Go to

Devilled eggs copy

3. Savoury or sweet Easter biscuit bunnies - Again, a simple twirk to a butter biscuit recipe and you have super cute, melt in your mouth bunnies. Two snips and two pricks is all it takes. Go to for more.

bunny biscuits copy

4. Bunny Money - Not a foody? Why not let your loved ones pick out their own Easter treats with these.

bunny money copy

5. Best bunny breakfast - Why not stabilise blood sugar levels before the sweet treats begin? Scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese is all you need... oh and a couple of berries for the eyes and nose.

 egg & bacon copy

With all these cute ideas around just make sure you don't forget the actual Easter eggs and hot cross buns... no cute bunny is going to overshadow the classics.

For the Ultimate Easter Egg hunt ideas check out last year's Easter blog.

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