Could my baby be dreaming?

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Dear Sleep Expert

My 9 month old baby is making some odd noises in his sleep. He laughs and even whimpers. When I dash into his bedroom he is always fast asleep. Is he alright? Could my baby be dreaming at such a young age?  

From Concerned Mom


Dear Concerned Mom

Please do not worry about this. There are many things that you should concern yourself with, but this is not one of them. At 9 months old your baby is probably an old hat at dreaming. Experts believe that during the beginning of the third trimester, somewhere around 27 weeks, brain development picks up and dreaming becomes possible. Your baby may have been dreaming for a whole year already without you knowing!

Your greatest difficulty is not being able to hear from your little man what he is dreaming about. He may be having sweet dreams (or not-so-sweet dreams), it's impossible for anyone to know the content.

To set your mind at ease, check on him when he whimpers or cries out. Check he is not too cold, too hot, sick or wet. If he is, then take the necessary measures to make him more comfy. But if he is still asleep, and the above checks out okay, I would not  wake him. Gently pat or stroke him and whisper 'shhh shhh' to reassure him that everything is okay and maybe 'snap' him out of REM sleep in which dreaming occurs.

If you are still curious, then I recommend using the Azumio Sleep Time app to track his sleep patterns. This may give you a clue about what stage of sleep he is in and what happened just before he woke you up.

Here's to some easier nights!

The Sleep Expert


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