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Your future depends on your sleep copy

In a recent blog post I wrote:  Why do we fight sleep? How can something so wonderful be fought by so many? Fighting sleep used to be the work of children but many sleep-deprived adults seem to have joined the cause. When I see adults throwing tantrums in the traffic or bickering at work I think… needs a good nap. Perhaps our culture’s mantra of “work more, do more, have more” is to blame.

It seems that I am not alone in my rant. Ariana Huffington, founder of the increasingly popular Huffington Post, was quoted in the Longevity magazine (Edition I 2014) claiming the miraculous power of sleep in her own life. "Sleep your way to the top" she declares to all who want to succeed. Huffington believes that "[we] make a fetish of not getting enough sleep, in the mistaken - and costly- belief that success results from the amount of time we put in, instead of the kind of time."

Huffington promotes sleeping 8 hours a night and taking a 30 minute power nap during the day if feeling tired. Her headquarters provide her employees with nap rooms where they can go during their work day. Imagine a work environment and a boss that has your long-term wellness at heart?

It's obvious really. Sleep improves productivity and who doesn't want more productive employees? All companies want the most bang for their buck - if their employees rest well, they work well. But before you try out a power nap on your desk, it may be a good idea to send your boss this link. There's "sleeping on the job" and then there is sleeping to get the job done better, quicker and smarter. Make sure they know that your intention is to fall in the second category!

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